Life was meant for good friends and great adventures!

This part of my journey started with a long drive (can you believe that). I took the long way to Portland so that I could see the red woods and drive up the PCH. Those views never get old.IMG_6745

IMG_6781 IMG_6762Upon my arrival to Portland, I picked up my friend Kim at the airport. She flew all the way from Florida to visit me and her college roommate, Melissa, whose beautiful house we stayed at. The Pacific Northwest is known for its dreary weather, but Portland was blue skies the entire stay. We Took at hike up to the top of the Multnomah Falls. Portland taught me that there are infinite shades of the color green.

IMG_6788 IMG_6789IMG_6802While on our hike we met a couple that suggested another hike along the Columbia River Gorge. Moss covers everything.  The trees look like they are wearing sweaters of moss. There was water trickling down the rocks everywhere and extremely steep cliffs with flowers blooming all the way to the river.


We finished the day zip lining, which Melissa realized was a bad idea to do with two engineers discussing the structural integrity of each platform. And why not have dessert for dinner!



 Portland is know for its food and drinks. It did not let me down. We went to a few wineries and breweries. I also found out that Starbucks is selling wine, champagne and beer in the Northwest.

IMG_20160409_173604627_TOP IMG_20160409_173600193 10627IMG_20160409_170248614I am so glad Kim flew in and that Melissa and her amazing family hosted us.  I had an incredible time.

I’m still due North!

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