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I love Seattle! This is my second time to the city and it was even better this time. My aunt, uncle and cousin live in/near the city.  My mom flew in to spend the week with us as well as my friend Ty!

We started off with a beautiful sunset dinner on the water and checking out different views of the city.

IMG_20160410_203041784The next day we went for a nice hike along the Snoqualmie river to see the waterfall and underground power plant. Didn’t find Big Foot though. Maybe next time!


The Museum of Flight has so much to offer. We did a flight simulator which was hilarious! My Mom shot 5 enemies  while I crashed the plan probably 5 times while spinning upside down the entire time. My aunt on the other hand shot one enemy with my mom flying.  They did more of a scenic flight. We got to go on Kennedy’s air force one. My favorite part was the space portion.  I didn’t even get to go through the entire museum, there is so much to see.

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We spent the evening at my cousins in Tacoma, playing with face swap on snapchat and had dinner on the water at a brewery. My brother said my mom and I should never swap faces again.


My mom, my aunt, and I had a fabulous day shopping. This homeless and unemployed girl needed some new outfits.

We had a nice day touring all the different parts of Seattle. We took a nice stroll through the Japanese garden and stopped at the Troll under the bridge.  There is a VW under his hand and his eye is actually one of the hub caps.


IMG_20160414_121159177  Ty arrived late Thursday night and I had a fun filled visit all planned out. We all took the ferry to Olympic National Park. We saw a few deer and it definitely felt like vampires were lurking around.  We drove through the clouds to the top, where I built my first snowman! He is pretty famous since after we left, a group of tourist starting taking pictures with him too. After we got back to Seattle, Ty and I went out to dinner and drinks in Fremont, catching up on life.

IMG_6895 IMG_6902

April is tulip season so we had to go to the tulip festival.  I didn’t know there were so many varieties of tulips. Definitely worth the drive. We had lunch at a brewery in town(yes we like beer). If you plan on ever going to a tulip festival, go early! We did and as we left, the line was down the road.   That night Ty and I did a cycle bar crawl. There were two other groups with us and we got to try a lot of different beer and stop at a lot of bars along the way. We didn’t have to wear helmets but after a few beers we were joking around and it fit my peanut head so I thought it was appropriate!

IMG_20160416_103252237 IMG_6950 IMG_6919 IMG_6913

IMG_20160416_221042297 FB_IMG_1461822286458

 Last day in Seattle was our super tourist day!  Ty and I started with brunch and mimosas of course!  It was a beautiful day so we walked to Pike Market. We shopped around and watched the famous Pike Place Fish Co. throwing the fish.  We needed a little break, so we stopped at Pike Brewery for a beer. We met some guys there and after our beers we all decided to walked down to another brewery (Cloud Burst Brewery). After a few beers it was museum time. The Seattle Center has so many things to do.  We started at the EMP Museum also known as Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum. I LOVE this place. They have a whole section on Nirvana since they are from Washington. You can play all kinds of instruments and record what you play. There is a gaming area with the history of video games. Then of course the Science Fiction part.  Everything from Doctor Who, Star Wars, and even Princess Bride. When the EMP closed and we were forced to leave we went to the Chihuly Garden of Glass. I didn’t know what to expect, but was in complete awe of everything in this exhibit.   We finished the night with dinner up in the Space Needle. We had a beautiful sunset in revolving restaurant. Kids write questions on post it notes on the windows so other table can respond, which I thought was so entertaining.


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IMG_20160417_172416265IMG_20160417_173158296_HDRTime to get my passport out and cross the border into Canada Eh!

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