Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Chicago

“It’s a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” – John Green

My Mom has come to visit me for the third time on this journey of mine, and I am just as excited to see her as I was the last two times.  I booked us tickets the first night for Adam’s Murder Mystery Playhouse in Denver ( We had such a blast! The actors were very interactive and hilarious.

Our first day we took a trip to Colorado Springs. We walked around the trails at The Garden of the Gods.  Its incredible how these 300′ towering sandstone rock formation just jet out of the earth. It wasn’t a clear enough day to take a trip to the stunning snow capped Pikes Peak adjacent to the garden, so we headed to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It wouldn’t be a trip without hitting a brewery while we were there too! We stopped for a drink and some lunch at Trinity Brewery and they had this cool doorway of books that lead into the barrels of beer.

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 I have always wanted to see what this Red Rocks amphitheater is all about. Now that I have seen it, I NEED to go to a concert there.  The view is incredible and the rock formations are spectacular. On a clear day like we had, you can see downtown Denver in the distance. I didn’t get a chance to check it out, but there are dinosaur footprints in the rocks nearby.

IMG_7508 IMG_7495That evening, I drove up to Boulder to see a friend of mine from middle school. She lives up in the mountain side.  We drank some IPAs and watched the sunset, catching up on life. Her and her husband are building a tiny house, which I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m so excited and happy for them. I feel so lucky to be able to reconnect with so many people on this trip.

We had the whole family get together on Mother’s day to celebrate. My aunt ordered Chinese food for dinner because its a tradition in their family. One year on Mother’s day my cousin had chickenpox, so they ordered Chinese. The next year my other cousin got chickenpox, and so the tradition began. Great night, with great people.


My next destination was Chicago, but it would take more then a day to drive there. When looking at the map, I decided I would stop in Omaha, Nebraska since that’s where the number one zoo in the world is located. After visiting the San Diego Zoo (#2 in the world) I figured I needed to compare.  I am not sure how they rate each zoo. Do the number of species matter? If each species of tarantula is counted then I think that’s unfair because I didn’t need to even know that many existed.  Even if the spiders and snakes weren’t counted, I do think Omaha had more species.  They even had an aquarium where you walked through a tunnel with sharks swimming overhead. There is a huge price difference in the two zoos as well. Omaha is about $17 while San Diego is $50.  San Diego’s Zoo has an amazing set up everywhere you look, where Omaha has a few really cool areas, but lacks in some areas.  I think San Diego will always win in my eyes because of the company I had with me.

IMG_20160512_140317303 IMG_20160512_135528980 IMG_20160512_135444027 IMG_20160512_134818056_TOP IMG_20160512_130645442

Before heading to Chicago, I decided to stop and visit the girls I met on the Grand Canyon mule ride. I stayed one night in Minneapolis and then headed to New Prague to visit all the horses and have drinks with the girls.

IMG_20160514_240550083 IMG_20160514_085746240_HDR IMG_20160514_092548041Chicago is an amazing city! I stayed in a hostel downtown where I went on a brewery tour with a group. I ended up spending the rest of my time in Chicago with the people from the hostel. We rented bikes and used them all day. I did the architectural boat tour which is super interesting. I wish more cities had tours like this, but the river makes it easy. We got drinks on top of the Hancock building and did all the top tourist things. I will being visiting this city again the future.

IMG_20160515_150808923_HDR IMG_20160515_121813609 IMG_20160514_220153073Off to the home of the Oatey Company!

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